What do you usually do with your textbooks when you’ve finished with them? Maybe you pass them on to a friend, or maybe you simply throw them anyway. If so, you’re missing out on the opportunity to make money from your unwanted books. Back2Cash is the best place to sell textbooks […]

What do you do with your old Textbooks?

If you’ve just done an attic clear-out or decided to reclaim some of your bookshelf space, don’t just head for the civic amenity tip. It could be easier than you think to sell your old books. Cash for books is a real possibility, especially if you’re thinking of selling non-fiction […]

How to get the best cash for books

As the world grows furthermore digital, people become all the less aware of the value of books. You often hear this being said, but in most cases it is a reference to the value of reading: the fact people don’t read enough. What is perhaps overlooked more than anything, is […]

Selling old books online

Why let your old books clutter up your shelves? Why waste time storing them in the loft or leaving them to rot in the cellar? When instead you could more easily sell books for cash in an instant. With university fees getting ever higher, being able trade in your old […]

How to easily sell textbooks for cash

If you are searching for a website that can help you sell books online, then you have come to the right place. We buy books for cash, meaning you can clear out space on your bookshelves for all your latest purchases. Why is Back2cash.co.uk the best place to sell books […]

Best place to sell books for cash

The revelation that has been digital media has brought with it many benefits. A digital version of anything is better for the environment than a physical alternative, for example. Not to mention the savings in space around your home. After all, a Kindle takes certainly take up less space than […]

Is digital media better for the environment?